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About Earthday
Happy Earthday Pals!

Earthday Recycle and Earth Themed Projects and Ideas, History, Crafts, Printable Activities, Food Art and Natural Tips For Earthday and Everyday.

What's Here:

Earthday Journal

The Story of Earthday

earthday history

Who started it, When, Why? You might be surprised! Read More: The Story of Earth Day

The History of the Earthday" Flag


Who Designed The Flag and When, How many flags are there? What is the Meaning and Symbolism of the Flags?
Read More: The Earthday FLAG

Kids Count for Earthday Haiku Earthday haiku contest 2011

For Kids 7-20

Haiku and haiga written by kids for Earthday. Sponsored by of the following notable writing sources:

  • Haiku Society of America
  • With Words UK
  • Sketchbook Short Verse Journal

Learn more...

Energy Saving Tips From Your Pals

Easy things you can do TOGETHER this Earth Day!earthman

We suggest you be a Planetpal for Earthday and Everyday!

Remember the 3 "r's: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

Share earth responsibilities with neighbors and friends with these ideas:

  • Have a Planetpals Party full of Planetpals activities!
  • Turn over a new leaf...Have a Plant a tree day in your neighborhood
  • Have a school or neighborhood toy or yard sale
  • Organize a classroom Yankee Swap (a grab to trade unused items)
  • Have an Earthday Recycle Parade:
  • Plan a neighborhood cleanup
  • Make an Ecology Cleanup list and hand out to neighbors
  • Put on an Earthday Play Using Planetpals Playhouse
  • Design an Earthday Posters and put them up in your community.
  • Have your class write a Earthday Poems...send them to us
  • Make Earthday Greeting Cards and exchange them
  • Collect can and bottles to return and donate the money to an Earth Organization
  • Start an Earth website
  • Have your class send an Earthday Pledge
  • Make a One Green Thing A Day Pledge
  • Have an ink-jet cartridge -cell phone fund raiser collection at your school
  • Have your class or group join the American Forests Project
  • Have your class or group join the world recycles project

St Judes Recycled Card Program For Greener Giving All Year Long!

greeting cards

What can be greener than finding a place to recycle and reuse cards after every occasion? St Judes offers us a meaningful holiday card recycle more

Free Activities for kids-club members Sign up for our Kids club List and get exclusive activities only available to members in your email.

For more tips and fun facts about earth consult

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Things You Can Do For Earthday

How Planetpals Has Taken Part of Earth Day Celebrations World Wide:

planetpalsFor over 14 years, Planetpals has taken part in many celebrations and events throughout the world for America Recycles Day and Earthday! Events both big and small.

We think they are all important, because it shows how versatile and useful Planetpals educational and motivational activities are...Read More or Contact us to be part of your EarthDay

Greatest Earthday Pages Ever

Everything Earth

This Green Earthday Page is just a visual taste of what we have for you for Earthday. is known for the "Greatest Earthday Pages Ever" and you won't want to miss a thing. Once you have checked out this page...See Planetpals"Greatest Earthday Pages Ever"

On the Earthday Everyday Page:

A Complete Guide to Everything Earth

Go to:
grestest earthday pages ever
  • Green Celebrations
  • Eco Learning
  • Earth Science
  • Learning Free Fun for Kids
  • Family Tips
  • and Ideas Educators / Classroom / Home school
  • ECO Helpers Clip Art
  • More

Have an Earth Day Fastearthday

What is the Earthday Fast?

It's something we came up with here on PLANETPALS EARTHZONE to teach us all about our earth and how to conserve. It's a kind of "fasting" from our daily life. A challenge to do things differently and learn to measure how much you consume every day! Do it for Earthday or any day! It's a great activity for us all young and old. Read More: The Earthday FAST

Have an Earth Day Swaprecycle for earthday

What is the Earthday Swap?

It's a great idea we came up with here at PLANETPALS EARTHZONE to teach you about earth and how to conserve. It's a way to make the most of everything by....Read More : The Earthday SWAP

Have an Earthday Parade:

recycle bin parade

Celebrate the day with a parade in your school! A great school activity to teach kids about recycling. Just follow these simple directions . How to Have a Earthday Recycle Parade:

Do One-Green-Thing-A-Day Pledge!!

A Vitamin for a better world.

planetpals one a day pledge

Help Yourself Help The Planet by doing one green thing a day. It's called Planetpals One A Day Pledge. And, like a One-a-day vitamin, it will make you healthier and happier inside and out. In fact, we guarantee, it will make you and your world better...Read More

Say "Happy Earthday" In Any Language:

We want all our friends everywhere to be able to communicate--so we made this dictionary to help you. Whether the language is Amharic - Catalan - Danish; It's all there for you. Read More--Say it now

happy earth day

Join the World Recycles Project - Help Big Bin!Planetpals big bin

Recycle Bins From Around the World.

Many of our visitors would like to know how recycling is done in various states and countries throughout the world. Planetpals would like to help them learn, but we need your help. Why not let us know how your state or country recycles...see what we have... Read More: How the World Recycles Project

Ten Things To Do For Earthday With Kids In The Classroomplanetpals schoolhouse

Teach Kids to Love Earth Planetpals Way

Earthday is in the Spring and what better way to set an example than at school!

Here are some simple proactive ideas to teach kids responsibility, enlighten them about their world and teach the 3 r's (reduce, reuse, recycle) complete article

Planetpals Earthday Contest 2015
Earthday Craft Contest 2015new


About Arbor Day

greenbean loves arbor day

Arbor day celebrated on the last Friday of April

Arbor Day is a wonderful tradition Founded by J. Sterling Morton in 1872 and celebrated in the USA.

It is a nationally-celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care. it's celebrated on the last Friday in April, which makes Arbor Day complete article

Earthday, Earth Recycle Crafts:

Planetpals Earth Day Crafts Page: Our selection of the best crafts on Earth!

  • Make Earth Food Art (Edible)
  • Make Earth Globes
  • Make Recycle Crafts
  • Make Earth Theme Craft
  • Make Non Toxic Craft Material

over 100 earthday crafts

Planetpals Green Earthday

Planetpals Exclusive Earthday Crafts

Make a Folding Earthman Box! Exclusive Planetpals Why not use recycled paper?Fill it with shells or rocks or notes on how to be a better Planetpal!

folding earth man box recycle craft

Download and play the Recycle Game!
Exclusive Planetpals

Planetpals recycle game download

Beadie Babies Bead crafts:
Exclusive Planetpals Nine instruction patterns in all, one for each Planetpal. Easy to follow directions that show you how to make them out of beads...very cute and lots of fun!

beady craft

Planetpals Characters Coloring Pages
Exclusive Planetpals Print and use Planetpals coloring art to your crafts or as models for clay projects--extend Eco friendly messages

planetpals coloring page

Free Nature Diary Download:

nature diary

Get a Meet the Planetpals Poster!

meet the planetpals poster printable

Have an Archeology Dig Learn about Earth free DIY kit and instructions Exclusive Planetpals

earth archeology dig kids

Loads more Earthday Activities and downloads on the

grestest earthday pages ever

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