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Pizza Fun Food

The Best Selection of Edible Food Crafts for kids at home or at school.

To Our Nutrition Links

Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our best collection of food art and healthier alternatives for kids.

Enjoy them but remember to come back to

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Earthday-Arbor day-Everyday

For lots more Earthday Ideas see the Earthday Journal

earthday food art worms and dirt pudding

Yummy Gummy Worm & Dirt Pudding
Great for Earthday or a science lesson. Made with pudding, crumpled oreos and gummy worms...not gross as it sounds!

Earthday Earth Treats recycle Edible Food Art

Earth Rice Krispie Balls
Kids will have a ball making these and they are Perfect For Earth Day!

earth made of fruit

Earth Globe Fruit from Blueberries and Kiwi

earthday marzipan

Earthday Marzipan Simply a Healthy Alternative

our whole collection of earthday food art

Earth Day Earthy Food See our whole collection of Earthday food art


Super Mario Mushrooms
Made with radishes. Another dip favorite or salad garnish

vegetable art

Vegetable art made from cauliflower and olive
These animals make a great dip alternative. what other animals can you think up?

rice bowl kids art

Spring for a Rice Bowl
This is a cheerful dinner--flowers from veggies


summer p[icnic kids food

Turn summer to yummer with this summer picnic Sandwich and healthy apples

beach party platter food art kids

Beach Party Platter is a Ball! This puts healthy in fun. Any fruits will do!

fruit cars food art kids

Take a ride on the food wheel with this healthy race car

frozen fruit pops

Summer Freeze Bars Get a popsicle mold, add juice and fruit. Experiment!

ice cream sandwich

Food Mold Fun Using Ice Trays
Letter fun molds make ice cream sandwiches, and other foods fun!

jello aquarium

Jello Aquarium from Rachael Ray
Nothing fishy about this one..jello fun

Healthy Kids Healthy Planet

Free Food Creativity Ideas
Recipes, Ideas, patterns

Our favorites using healthy ingredients and creativity

For Everyday!

sandwich shapes

Shapewhiches Shape Kid Up!
Sandwiches cut into shapes makes a fun lunch

healthy rice balls

Healthy Bento Buddies Rice Sushi Balls
Healthy and fun Sushi rice balls from Aimee Reich resemble some tasty Japanese treats that you would find inside a bento box.

bento buddies

"Where the wild things are" Bento Buddies
Here are more Bento Buddies that are wild!

food art sandwiches

Fun Kid Art Sandwiches
Healthy and fun
food art makes kids want to munch their lunch from Mark Northeast of UK. Many samples here

alphabet pancakes

Spelling Bee Breakfast
No matter how you spell it--these pancake letters will put the wow in breakfast

potatoe pancakes

Pancake Pal!
ow many animals or faces can you make from potatoe pancakes?

pudding pals

Pudding Pals
Dress up pudding, yogurt to a variety of creatures like this one!

letter lunch

Ice Cream Sandwich Art
I Scream You Scream We all Scream for these Ice Cream sandwiches! Fun shapes...Use this machine or use molds.

pizzelle ice cream sandwich

Pizzelle Ice Cream Sandwich
An Italian favorite! Pizzelle cookies make a pretty snowflake pattern that kids love. Fill with ice cream and nutella

fruit art

Fruit Art Friends
This collection of fruit art will make eating fruit fun! great for tea party or play dates!

PP Holiday and Topic Pages:
Your guides to Green Living all year long!
Green Halloween
Green Thanksgiving
Green Winter Holidays
Eid, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza

Green New Year Holidays
Western, Chinese, Islamic, Jewsih, Hindu

Green Valentines Day, White Day
Green Spring Journal
Green Earth Day, Earth Hour, Green Days
Green Summer Journal
Green Back to School
Green Peace and Peace Day
Green Gardening
Tips, ideas, crafts. organic gardening, too
Green America Recycles Day
Green Arbor Day and Year of the Forests
holiday pages
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Foods To Make You Smile

happy face veggies

Happy Face Luncheon
Happy Face Vegetables Luncheon, cheese and more


Some Happy Face Favorites:
No recipes or directions needed

Feel free to send us a food art recipe you made! :
planetpals @

Edible food crafts for holidays!

Easter / Spring

Painted easter eggs

Easy Painted Easter Eggs Use natural dies or food coloring-these techniques are fun and unique

sicilian easter basket

Make a Sicilian Easter Egg Basket (Pupa Cu L'ova)--Twist the handles and add sprinkles for a more festive look! Sicilian name: Pupa Cu L'ova

Easter Chicks

Easter Egg Chicks-So good for you! Olives, carrots, eggs make up these cute chicks

food art meals

Make Food Art Meals
Healthy meals that include rice, eggs meat, all the food groups
Many samples here


Tada it's an Enchilada Face
This happy enchilada would work for a taco party, too!
Perfect for Cinco de Mayo (May 5)

Halloween / Thanksgiving / Fall

healthy edible food art bananashalloween edible food art crafts banana ghost

This Halloween Banana Ghost Won't Get Boos
How cute is this Banana Ghost on a popsicle stick. Add raisins, nuts or other food items to make the eyes and nose! Roll in coconut for added fun, too!
ghost pizza

Bootiful Pizzas! Have a Make your own pizza night and make these spooky pizzas

edible art halloween pumpkins

OH so OJ Pumpkins Simple edible and healthy pumpkin snack from oranges,

edible art apple teeth halloween

Apple Bites Won't Scare the Kids Here's a treat they can stick their teeth into!

vegetable edible halloween food

Veggie Bones This bag of bones is healthy and made with veggies of almost any kind!

guacamole graveyard halloween

Guacamole Graveyard Made with chips and guacamole.

bento pilgrim edible art

Pilgrim Heads Fruit Make Pilgrims from Oranges or tangerines using recycled paper

orabge pilgrims food art

Celebrate with the pilgrims! This works with bento or any meal-even turkey!

edible food ar thanksgiving

Thanksgiving TeePee Make these with a cone, some sweets and frosting! Fun for a centerpiece!

food art indian teepee

Turkey Sandwiches Food Art Style Make these with peppers, pickles, apples, the sky's the limit

turkey Sandwiches Food Art Style

Gobble up this fruit feathered Turkey Make with a pear, apple and orange slices.

food art thanksgiving turkey fruit

Apple placecards Make turkeys or pilgrim heads with hats!

Food Art For Holidays

Christmas / Winter

melted snowman water bottles

Melted Snowman A healthy food idea! DIY. Make your own label for water for a winter birthday or holiday party!

egg men food art

Egg Snow Men take the chill out of winter breakfast made with eggs and fruit-rasberry, cherry any fruit should do!

kiwi edible food art for xmas

Kiwi Tree for Christmas
This edible food fun will be a present at desert time for kids. Kiwi, red fruit, decorate it with raisins!

dible christmas craft

Rice Krispies Snow Balls and Snowmen.
Make with rice cereal recipe or a popcorn balls recipe
. Use pretzel or cinnamon stick arms and a hard candy hat. Why not add a candy cane! For a scarf a fruit roll up.

marzapan fun food art

Marzipan Fun!
Yum--make it for anyday or a holiday!

xmas food art

Merry Holiday Food Tree
This puts merry in food! Holiday decorations that look good enough to eat! Serve with dip?

tree pancakes

Christmas Tree Pancakes..try to make them healthier. Add fruit? Betty Crocker's apple crsip or gingerbread sound good

Free Food Activity Downloads
Recipes, Healthy kid checklist, Food pyramid:

Some of Our Favorite Recipes to Do With Kids!
health kids eat riht
Download this fun healthy kids checklist !
food pyramid poster coloring page
Learn about How to eat Right and safe food precautions

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