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Planetpals Summer Learning

Planetpals Summer Journal! Activities, games, Ideas, Crafts , Food, Fun Clean and Green!

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What's In This Issue:

An Exclusive Collection of Summer Ideas, Tips, Crafts. Eco Friendly and Fun! (for The Nature and Camping Journal go here)

Feature Stories:


Summer Crafts:

Re Cycle Bike for health planetpals.comAll Roads Lead To Healthy Biking

How and Where to Bike for a Healthier Planet and Healthier People: Tips, Aps, Routes, Safety, More

Friends and family that bike together are green to go

Biking is a great way to help Earth and help stay in shape. It's also a great way to spend time with friends and family and instill good healthy habits in kids. Biking can be a fun filled family activity when you are camping, at the beach, on vacation or just about anytime.

Sometimes, however, it's hard to know where to bike more

Outdoor Games That Are A Natural for Summer!

summer fun and games that are green

It's summer and the idea of keeping kids busy in the yard and at the beach sure comes to mind!

We have a list of fun activities that not only practice the 4r's, but some that are just plain natural. Some of these summer games you can make from recycled materials, others use nothing but that which nature gives us.

Why not try one or all this summer! complete article

Ten Ways To Make Your Summer Camping Experience Greener

camping kids

Whether you are a first time camper or lifelong lover of the camping experience, these ten ideas will help you make that camping trip greener, cleaner and more natural...Learn more.

Recycle Crafts That Put Red, White and Blue in 4th of July

heart flag copyright judith gorgone

It's summer and that means patriotic holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

Why not let your next patriotic party decorations be green!

With that in mind, here is a collection of unique and simple recycle craft ideas to help you wave the red white, blue and green on your next patriotic holiday

...Learn more.

A Back Yard Archeology Dig is A Natural!

archeology crafts

Archeology is a great way to learn about nature and science.  So, why not try and archaeological dig this summer at the ocean, park, or in the woods.  It's a perfect beach or camping activity.  It's a natural!

A Natural Learning Experience For Any Age....Learn more

Upcycle the swing set to a tree house

make a treehouse from a swing set

How to Transform Your Swing Set Into A Tree House For Growing Kids

Playthings swing sets are a great addition to your yard when kids are young, but they soon outgrow them. What do you do then? ...Learn more.

Save WATER Outdoorsh20 dont be a drip

Remember it's summer-sprinklers, pools, fun..Don't be a drip!

  • Check all outside faucets and sprinkler connections for leaks
  • Keep grass at least two inches long to shade roots and hold moisture
  • Mulch around gardens and shrubs to reduce evaporation
  • Water in sunny areas more frequently than in shady places
  • Aerate your lawn regularly to allow air, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways, walks and patios
  • Wash your car with a bucket of water, then rinse with a spray nozzle
  • Put out rain buckets to water plants (Great project for kids!)
  • Have the kids play in a pool instead of under a sprinkler
  • Use a pool cover to cut down on water evaporation
  • Don't drain your pool, cover it instead

Conserve GAS! breezy a gas

Gas Saving Tips:

  • Combine errands, and trips.
  • Service your car it will keep it at peak performance
  • Go lightly on the gas pedal
  • Don't pump your brakes
  • Don't idle for long periods of time
  • Don't use drive up windows...park and drive in
  • Empty the car and trunk of extra items
  • Put items in the trunk instead of your roof
  • Drive 55 mph instead of 65 (you save 15%!)
  • Don't use your air conditioning
  • Use your 5th gear whenever possible
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Buy a Fuel Saver of some kind
  • Use the lowest octane gas
  • Don't rev your engine

What in the world are we doing to keep the oceans clean?

brazil bin

A fun collection of beach recycle bins from around the world...

See Them All


Planetpals Summer Activities

Planetpals Summer of Love Celebration!

Peace Pal Summer of love

During the Summer Planetpals will feature it's character PEACEPAL as part of "The Summer of Love" at

Planetpals International Kids Club has been dedicated to educating kids about peace, with the motto "It's a special world full of special children and everyone is special in their own way", since it's inception in 2001.

But don't fool yourself, it's not just for kids. IKC is a terrific source for peace activities, ideas, and fun facts about world peace for teachers, parents, students...everyone who wants a better complete article

How Green Does Your Garden Grow?

Simple Growing Tips:greenbean

  • Use packing peanuts for drainage (instead of stones)
  • Cover the roots with toilet paper rolls (cut in half) When you plant seedlings in the garden-to keep insects away
  • Cover the roots with paper cups (cut out the bottom) When you plant seedlings in the garden- to keep insects away
  • Keep a tuna can in the garden to measure weekly watering--it should be 1 inch
  • Try packing peanuts instead of soil as Hydro phonics
  • You can mix peat moss with other materials to create your own growing medium
  • To start seeds using perlite, use a mixture of 1 part perlite and 1 part moistened peat moss
  • Cover post with plastic bags, wrap or clear container it helps to retain moisture, and keep the soil from drying outwater bottle irrigation container gardening
  • Try Water bottle irrigation learn how and get more Green Recycle Gardening Ideas and Crafts for You and your Kids on our gardening page!

Have That Summer Outing In A Greener Place!

recycle here sign

15 SIMPLE TIPS when celebrating to help make any summer party GREEN:

No matter where you live, if you are headed for summer fun, think about the planet and being a Planetpal.

Think about what you bring before you bring it, bring it home and dispose of it properly! Don't leave disposables on the beach or in the parks

...Read Complete Article

Summer Helpers

1,2 3 Summer helpers! Parties, Yard Sales, Cleaning Out. PLANETPALS Has some great assistance for you:

    Recycle by having a yard sale--great pro active summer activity for kids. REMEMBER be a PLANETPAL and remove all yard sale signs after your yard sale--don't leave them hanging around town for weeks!
    Make a special place at your party for recycle cans and bottles--use this cheerful sign to remind people to deposit their empties there.
    That's right--if you leave something reusable curbside--Give it away to someone who can use it--Just place this handy FREE sign and they will know they can take it!
  • Click each one to download and print.

    kit6 kit8 kit7

    Summer Calendar Worldwide

    2011 International Year of Forests around the world
    Read The Forest Journal for more summer and nature Ideas, crafts, activities, more


    • World Environment Day - held annually every June 5th. (A UN Holiday)
    • World Ocean Day - held annually every June 8th
    • German Recycle Day held annually on June 12-13:
    • Global Wind Day - (June 15): This day celebrates the enormous benefits of wind power and spread a positive message about wind power
    • World Day to Combat Desertification - 17 June (A UN Holiday)
    • World Whale Day held annually on June in Australia:
    • Summer Solstice (longest day) June 21:
    • National Trails Day - held annually on the first Saturday of June (U.S. and Canadian event).
    • Great American Backyard Cam pout - held annually in the latter part of June (U.S. event).


    • World Population Day - held annually every July 11th.
    • National Tree Day (USA)- July 25, 2009


    • International Day of the World's Indigenous People - held annually on August 9th.
    • Smokey the Bear's Birthday August 9
    • International Youth Day - held annually on August 12th.

    See Our Year Round Earth Calendar

    Planetpals Summer Foods

    rice bowl kids art

    Summer Flowers Rice Bowl
    This is a cheerful dinner--flowers from veggies..try a beach scene

    fruit art

    Fruit Art Friends
    This collection of fruit art will make eating fruit fun! great for tea party or play dates!

    sandwich shapes

    Shapewhiches Shape Kids Up!
    Sandwiches cut into shapes makes a fun lunch. Make happy shapes or beachy shapes for summer!

    letter lunch

    Food Mold Fun Using Ice Trays
    Letter fun molds make ice cream sandwiches, and other foods fun!

    ice cream sandwich

    Ice Cream Sandwich Art
    I Scream You Scream We all Scream for these Ice Cream sandwiches! Fun shapes...Use this machine or use molds.

    pizzelle ice cream sandwich

    Pizzelle Ice Cream Sandwich
    An Italian favorite! Pizzelle cookies make a pretty snowflake pattern that kids love. Fill with ice cream and nutella

    jello aquarium

    Jello Aquarium from Rachael Ray
    Nothing fishy about this one..jello fun


    Planetpals Four Sesaons Paper Doll Activity
    Four Season Paper Dolls Activity
    Planetpals Four Seasons Writing Activity
    Four Season Writing Activity
    The best activities On Earth For Kids!

    Planetpals Summer CRAFTS

    Summer Recycle Crafts

    Make A Bird Flasher Ornament From CD
    Directions for making recycled CD Bird Flasher or Ornament to hang outside or in!

    recycled ornament from cd

    Patriotic Recycle Crafts

    Make Patriotic Flag and Star
    Exclusive Planetpals
    Let your holiday go green when you wave this recycle flag and star made from simple Popsicle sticks. Directions.

    planetpalsamerica recycles day usa planet[als recycle usa

    Uncle Sam's Hat

    Top the holiday table with this cute Uncle Sam's Hat decoration made with an Oatmeal box--You could make small ones for place cards or favors with toilet paper tubes?

    uncle sams hat recycle craft

    Fire cracker favors

    Put a bang in the holiday with these easy toilet paper tube decorations and favors

    recycle firecracker craft

    Patriotic Star Wand
    Wave a Popsicle stick and ribbon stars and stripes wand and make the holiday shine

    recycle patriotic wand

    4th of July Recycle Rockets Cute idea for 4th of, white and blue-but very green rockets made from toilet paper rolls.

    toilet paper rockets july 4th

    Nature Themed Recycle Crafts:

    Make Natural Painted Rocks
    Planetpals Exclusive!
    Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
    painting rocks and other rock decor

    painted rocks

    Tissue Rocks..Rock!
    Planetpals Exclusive!
    This is a favorite beach project for kids--use recycled gift tissue!

    make tissue rocks

    Make a shell mobile and other shell crafts
    Planetpals Exclusive!

    Make this simple
    mobile using one string or many

    shell mobile

    Recycle Sand and Jars--Sand Art
    Planetpals Exclusive!
    Recipe and Directions. Great for any age group! They can do pictorial art or fill jars. Or you can give them black and white coloring pages to fill
    .recycle sand art

    How to have an archeology dig - How to make a dig kit
    Planetpals Exclusive!
    Natural learning for kids

    have a dig!

    Make a Campground Take a vacation in your favorite forest by making your own campground with recycle materials

    make your own campground

    Shoe box Diorama World
    Planetpals Exclusive!

    This is a favorite Habitat Idea! Convert a shoe-box to a favorite forest or natural place. Teach kids to love the world.

    shoebox craft

    Make a Recycle Bug Jar
    Planetpals Exclusive!
    Just Buggy! Directions and ideas
    for Bug Jar made of recycled materials

    bug jar

    Make a Recycle Bug Kit
    Planetpals Exclusive!
    Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
    for Bug Kit with journal made of recycled materials

    bug kit

    Make a Recycle Butterfly Net
    Planetpals Exclusive!
    Great fun! Directions and ideas
    for making a butterfly catching net from recycled materials-plus free printable PP label

    recycled butterfly net

    Create a Sandcastle that lasts Make this simple recipe using sand, cornstarch, and alum

    sand castle

    Plaster of Paris Paperweight molds of your shells into a paperweight

    papereweight shell

    Make a Fossil using Plaster Of Paris-Simple! Display either side of your shell..whichever you think looks best

    make a fossil plaster of paris

    Make a Recycle Plastic Container Aquarium
    Planetpals Exclusive!
    Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
    for this aquarium and fish learning

    recycle plastic container aquarium

    For More Crafts go to the Crafts Page

    Planetpals Exclusive Crafts:

    Free Nature Diary Download:

    nature diary

    Beadie Babies Bead crafts:
    Exclusive Planetpals Nine instruction patterns in all, one for each Planetpal. Easy to follow directions that show you how to make them out of beads...very cute and lots of fun!

    beady craft

    Planetpals Characters Coloring Pages
    Exclusive Planetpals Print and use Planetpals coloring art to your crafts or as models for clay projects--extend Eco friendly messages

    planetpals coloring page

    Get this free four seasons wall chart Download or paper dolls

    planetpals paper dolls picture

    Planetpals books

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    Rated among top ten for this season!

    5 puzzles available

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