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Planetpals Earthday Everyday IDEAS

planetpals kids love to grow

The Best Selection of Gardening Tips and Ideas Earth Friendly for the Classroom and Kids Anywhere!

spotRemember USE RECYCLED MATERIALS when possible! Using recycled items is another lesson on how to help earth!

Feel free to send us a craft: planetpals @

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Dress Up Your Garden!

Recycled Milk Container Bird Houses
If you paint these you can use them outdoors!

milk carton recycle craft

Recycle Wind Chimes
You will like the sound of these recycle wind clackers in your garden. Simple to make from laundry caps and other recycled materials.


Make Ladybug Lids
Great for preschool--Just paint no embellishment you could add eyes or buttons-even antenna . Keep it on the jar for bug catching or collecting nature.

.recyle jar lids

Recycled Fabric and coffee can wind sock
This is easy to do with fabric scraps and string
. An indoor version can be done with tissue or paper.


Recycled plastic cutlery wind chimes
This is perfect after a party, too. for lunch or a trip to the fast food. Save them, wash them and make this fun wind chime. Think of other items you could use popsicle sticks? Chop sticks?

cutlery wind chimes recycle craft

Make A Bird Flasher Ornament From CD
Directions for making recycled CD Bird Flasher or Ornament to hang outside or in!

recycled ornament from cd

Dry Flowers with Recycled Silica:
Tips, tricks , techniques to save one of Earth's beautiful delights. Use recycled silica gel 

dried flowers

How is this little guy for a garden scarecrow! make it out of all plastics so it doesn't fall apart. Found at the Recycled Art and Nature Projects from Earth Arbor Day in Santa Clarita.

garden scarecrow

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Planetpals Earthday Everyday IDEAS

Green gardening Ideas, tips, tricks, activitoesFree Gardening Ideas and Crafts

At Planetpals we plant seeds to help kids grow!greenbean

Gardening can be a healthy and rewarding experience for kids, helps them learn about the planet and the joy of nurturing!

Simple Recycled Planting Containers

To start the seeding's you can use:

  • plant pots
  • egg cartons,
  • toilet paper rolls
  • paper cups,plastic, styrofoam cups
  • a box bottom
  • juice boxes
  • egg shells
  • water bottles cut in half
  • wax milk or cream containers
  • fast food containers

Let each kid start their own terrarium or seedlings

fast food cups food cans
toilet paper rolls
egg carton
toilet paper rolls egg carton
egg shells
chinese take out
egg shells Chinese food container


Easy to Make Recycled Terrariums / Greenhouses for Plants or Seedlings:

terrarium idea 2
terrarium idea

How to make a terrarium or hot house for seedlings or plants (this needs to be covered or contained):

There are many ways to make a mini greenhouse or terrarium using recycled materials. These are no brainers--and little or no work!

  • a plastic or glass covered box
  • a large apothecary jar
  • a discarded fish tank
  • Frappucino cups (these are small)
  • a plastic soda bottle large or small
  • a plastic zippered bag (the kind you get with sheets and blankets see right )
  • Cover a plant pot with a plastic food container
  • Be creative-recycle a a clear covered dish or casserole pot? What else?
  • ------------------------------------------------

Kids Love Making Little Garden Heads:

Make fun garden heads by planting grass seeds: Decorate and Paint them to look like fun characters
( For directions see egg heads in the left column under "Other Fun Ideas" )brass heads in recycled cups

  • Use egg shells
  • yogurt bottles
  • yogurt cups
  • paper or plastic cups


Other Simple Growing Tips:

  • Use packing peanuts for drainage (instead of stones)
  • Cover the roots with toilet paper rolls (cut in half) When you plant seedlings in the garden-to keep insects away
  • Cover the roots with paper cups (cut out the bottom) When you plant seedlings in the garden- to keep insects awayh20
  • Keep a tuna can in the garden to measure weekly watering--it should be 1 inch
  • Try packing peanuts instead of soil as Hydro phonics
  • You can mix peat moss with other materials to create your own growing medium
  • To start seeds using perlite, use a mixture of 1 part perlite and 1 part moistened peat moss
  • Cover post with plastic bags, wrap or clear container it helps to retain moisture, and keep the soil from drying out

Remember to Water!

Planetpals water earth!

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Planetpals Earthday Everyday IDEAS

Composting Made Simple

squirmy wormy

Learn all about composting and make your own DIY compost bins from recycled materials! Squirmy Wormy makes it easy to understand

The Colors Of Composting A Lesson

What colors can you compost?

A lesson in composting.  The colors of composting

Container Watering Tip

Try the bottle system-1.Pinch a hole-leave the cover on 2. use oneupside down with a spout top, 3. use a sippie cup upside down?

Water Bottle Irrigation
water bottle irrigation container gardening


Other Fun Container Gardening and Growing Ideas:

Egg Heads With Grass Hair using grass seed

egg heads

Funky Junky Planter using all sorts of leftovers

recycled junk planters

ChChCh-Chia Pet:Recycle old nylons make a DIY Chia Pet using chia seed, or wheat grass seeds.

diy chia pet recycle craft kids

The Milk Jug Garden!

milk bottle garden

A Shoe Rack Garden?

garden in a show hanger

In the Gutter Garden

gutter garden

Make a Terrarium

terrarium instructions

Upside Down Garden!

upside down garden

Enjoy these ideas but be sure to come back to

Make The Upside Down Planter
Learn how to make a grocery bag holder for beach,home, park. Use the plastic one as an upside down planter for herbs! Cloth pattern here, too

bottle bag holder

Ten Tips for enhancing your outdoor play space for kids. These fun ideas for educating kids about their natural environment

a more natural outdoor play space

For loads more gardening ideas....Follow Planetpals Garden Goards on PINTEREST!


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