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Judith Gorgone Designs
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About Planetpals Creator™

Judith Gorgone is an artist, writer and educator with over 25 years experience designing and developing consumer products and assisting with product marketing.

planetpals artist

Her portfolio includes award winning designs for publishing, toys, product design and character development, as well as, illustration. (Judith Gorgone Designs: )

She has an international design and marketing practice that specializes in product development and licensed designs. She has developed toys for Hasbro Parker Brothers, premiums for Procorp and American Premium, and worked with major manu- facturers worldwide to produce a variety of children’s products that include wall art, greetings cards, partyware, gift ware and textiles.

Her work has been exhibited in New York, Japan and Korea, has appeared on cards for MOMA and UNICEF and won many awards for design excellence.

She is founder of planetpals.com created in 1998 to inspire families and children to be educated about their world. She is also founder of ikidsclub.org for PEACE and TheTGarden.com which specializes in novelty products.

With a graphic design career that began at Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), Judith has never lost sight of contributing to the greater good. Planetpals is the culmination of her career, encompassing all her many talents and passions.

About Judith Gorgone Designs:

Licensed Art and Designs For All Surfaces, All Ages, All Markets. Brand, Product, Line Development and Consulting

Sample Portolio:

licensed art and design product sheet

How and Why Planetpals Was Created™

While working on an eco-project in 1990, I came upon the idea for PLANETPALS™. "I have always been eco conscious and it was a natural!"


Confident of the concept and message I developed it into an educational tool to bring awareness to children about our impending Earth matters. As the characters and concept developed it became a fun way to teach children about their world through topics like Earth Science, Environment, Nature and Health.  The idea for Planetpals Earthzone website blossomed from this concept. Earthzone has experienced 15 successful years online and is endorsed by the top educational, environmental and children's portals. Planetpals products are used in the classroom by educators, groups, families and homeschoolers .

Planetpals also has a large following in social media.

Learn More About Planetpals

planetpals hop on the green train  judith gorgone

Established in 1981, provides personal, high-quality service in corporate branding and identity, product design, development and illustration. Clients range from start-ups to large national corporations .

Contemporary graphics . Innovative concepts.  Creative and successful design solutions from concept to completion for all products all ages and all surfaces.

  • Product development
  • Product design
  • Graphic design
  • Web graphics
  • Illustration
  • Licensed designs and characters