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Two great green sources from Planetpals:
  • Green Living Guides Holiday Seasonal Guides that include articles, DIY recycleand upcycle crafts, ideas, tips, healthy and fun food ideas. Kids, families, classroom.
  • Planetpals Blog A great resource with timely and pertinent information, DIY ideas and tips for all age groups.
holiday pages
This photo: A small sampling of the green-holidays page.

Our Green Living Guides:
Holiday and Seasonal Journals

*Planetpals Earthzine Monthly Magazines are now seasonal Journals.
Green Halloween
Green Thanksgiving
Green Winter & Holidays
Eid, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza

Green New Year Holidays
Western, Chinese, Islamic, Jewsih, Hindu

Green Valentines Day, White Day
Green Spring Journal
Green Earth Day, Earth Hour, Green Days
Green Summer Journal
Green Back to School
Green Peace and Peace Day
Green Gardening
Tips, ideas, crafts. organic gardening, too
Green America Recycles Day
Green Arbor Day and Year of the Forests
Planetpals Blog
eco friendly blog
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