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DIY Valentines Ideas Crafts Activities Foods Fun!

An Exclusive Collection of Green Valentine Holiday Ideas, Tips, Crafts for Valentine's Day, White Day and Love Days around the world.

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What's Crafty Things Are Here:

Other Valentine Fun Fact and Trivia

All Holidays:

Happy Valentines from Planetpals


Join PEACE PAL and Share the LOVE

peacepal valentines

Here is a simple craft for your kids to share with friends at home or school and help them spread peace, friendship and show understanding.

Make a rainbow for PEACE:
What you need: You can either have your children make a friendship bracelet or pin with rainbow colored ribbons or have your children draw a rainbow. On a piece of paper write the following poem and attach it.
world peace ribbon.gif
A rainbow of ribbons
in colors so bright
for peace, for love
a world that shines bright

It's people are many
in the colors we see
of kindness and good
like you and like me

Send out this ribbon
show the world you care
about everyone in it

Send this PEACE Poem and Ribbon to a Friend
© Judith Gorgone

vintage valentines card

Learn how you can to SAVE MONEY and SAVE EARTH This Valentines Day!

Saving money and the planet for the holidays can be easier with these simple tips!

These ideas and suggestions are just the beginning of things you can do for your pocket and Mother Earth. The biggest step of all is simply to cut
down on the amount of things -- presents, decorations, and just plain "stuff" -- you buy.

That's hard. So, to help you cut down where you can, we have compiled one of the best list of tips on earth:


  • Use a vintage valentine in a style your friend appreciates.
  • Cut up an old valentine and trim it with a heart make a doilie cardshaped doilies
  • MYO paper valentine
  • Have kids draw one for Mom or Dad or Aunt Valentina
  • Send an E greeting
  • Consider choosing cards made
    of recycled materials, or even buying them from a charity that benefits the environment.

Gift Giving:

  • Make it! Have a talent for baking, crocheting, knitting, artwork. stained glass or wood crafts? What could be nicer than a scarf on ones favorite color made by you?
  • Choose or make gifts that are practical and consist of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Make a gift basket tailored to the recipient. Home made cookie mix and baking pan, A lovely plant and garden tools, Vintage candlestick and candles. Be creative!
  • Give the gift of an heirloom! Does your girlfriend admire your mother’s old picture frame or her old trinket box? Pass it on! Put a treat inside!


  • Use recycled or recyclable materials for packaging gifts; reuse a nice tin, box or gift bag
  • Select uncoated gift wrap that can be recycled and/or burned safely.
  • MYO Box-with patterns all shapes and sizes

  • Recycle all decorations
  • Send Cards to St Judes (they take all occasions)
  • Donate or freecycle unwanted items
  • Regift if it's appropriate

valetines day party ideas tips green

Have a Valentines Party

Invite friends or couples

  • Use heart shaped frames as name cards (put in a picture or the persons name in nice font or calligraphy)
  • Set the table heart decorated tablecloth or fabric (save it for next year)
  • Decorate heart shaped frames or frames with hearts add photos of you and your friends
  • Make heart shaped foods (see the edible food crafts page)
  • Decorate with hearts of all kinds (but please don't toss-use the 4 r's)
  • Set the table with seedlings, plants, terrariums, and let guests take them home for gifts. (see the craft gardening page)

Say "I Love You" in Any Language

i love you in any languageWe want all our friends everywhere to be able to communicate--so we made this dictionary to help you. Whether the language is Amharic - Catalan - Danish; It's all there for you.

Read More--Say it now

The best activities On Earth For Kids!


Be a Tree Hugger Make Your Own Card

green tips for christmas tree

Many ways to make recycled cards with photos using recycled materials, old cards, kids art etc (see ideas above) .or make it with home made paper from recycled papers...Paper Making Recipe

Make a Recycle Wreath - Valentine Decor You Can LOVE

Many ways to make Valentine Heart Wreaths From Recycled materials..learn .more

DIY Valerntines Recycle Wreaths You Will LOVE!

Drying Flowers...An Earth Loving Craft

How to Dry Flowers

The art of air drying flowers for use in homemade dried flower arrangements has been practiced for centuries. Flower drying is a wonderful way to learn appreciate one of the most beautiful species in our natural world. Flower drying can be a recycle craft by recycling books, phone books or silica gel. You can also try one of the other techniques listed learn more

Recycle Flowers!

Love Rocks for Valentines Day!Painted Heart Love Rocks

10 Painted Love rocks you will love for Valentines day and everyday....more

St Judes Recycled Card Program For Greener Holidays!

greeting cards

What can be greener than finding a place to recycle and reuse everything after the holiday? St Judes offers us a meaningful holiday card recycle more

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Planetpals Green Valentines

We suggest you make decorations and gifts from recycled materials-It's the green way to go!

No matter what your holiday, one thing is certain, this is the time of year for gift giving. While thinking of others don't forget the planet! Here are plenty of ways to THINK green this holiday season.

Remember the 3 "r's: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

See our greatest list of green tips ever for the holidays

images/green valentines day

February 14: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is named after St. Valentine.

Valentine was a priest in Rome when Christianity was a new religion. The Emperor at that time, Claudius II, believed that married men would want to stay home with their families rather than fight his wars, so he ordered Roman soldiers NOT to marry . Claudius Valentine defied the Emperor's decree and secretly married many young couples.

Valentine was beheaded on February 14th for his practices,which was the eve of the Roman holiday Super critical which occurred Feb.. 15.

After his death, Valentine was named a saint. Hence,was the start of ah Valentines day, a day to give our loved ones a gift of cards, chocolate or just one filled with love.

Planetpals has a sweet gift for you to give! Pick up
Valentine Print and Play Crafts to give it to a friend.

love day Valentines Day, White Day, Love Days Around The World


In the United States of America, there have been many varieties of cards: from light hearted themes for friends to romantic lovers.

Today, American children usually exchange valentines with their friends and participate in a classroom party. Lovers exchange romantic motif cards, gifts, candy and perhaps night out. It is also a popular day for notable love events such as engagements and weddings.

Rome was where the holiday originated to celebrate San Valentino. It was a saints holiday.

One popular gift item in Italy is Baci Perugina – small chocolate-covered hazelnuts containing a slip of paper with a romantic poetic quote – kind of like an Italian fortune cookie for romantics.


England, the tradition of celebrating valentine is little different. There, the kids get dressed up like adults and sing songs.


Valentine's day tradition in Wales consists of exchanging wooden love spoons between the lovebirds. Heart carvings on spoons sell like real hot cakes and the purpose of these decorations is to express to the loved one that he/she is really precious.


In Australia, men are real romantic. In fact it has been seen that men are more enthusiastic about celebrating Valentines Day as compared to women. Read further to know about Valentine's Day world tradition…

Japan S. Korea

Women give chocolates to men only...and are reciprocated on White Day in March, when men give chocolates to women.

Women traditionally buy chocolates for the men on February 14th. Then, one month later on March 14th, the men return the favor and buy chocolates for the women that remembered them in February. March 14th is called The White Day and traditionally the chocolate given is white in color.


February 14th was Valentine's Day. In America, this day is very different from in China. In China, it is only boyfriend's and girlfriend's day, Boyfriends' and girlfriend's gifts mean a loving heart. If other people send gifts to each other, it only means friendship.

In school, boys and girls send many kinds of cards, change gifts, and send chocolate to each other. You can send any gift except red roses.

The tradition in Denmark is known as Gaekkebrev. This tradition is where young couples write love poems, love notes, and other messages and send them to their sweethearts. The sender is not supposed to sign the notes, and instead writes their name with little dots on the paper. Then the recipient is supposed to guess the name of the sender. If the recipient is able to guess correctly, then they are rewarded with an Easter Egg later that year. An interesting way to combine holidays, no?

Valentine’s Day in Brazil is not celebrated on February 14th; Dia dos Namorados is commemorated on June 12th. This day celebrates St. Anthony of Padua who is believed to bring good fortune on marriages. As with all celebrations in Brazil, the day is celebrated with lavish parties complete with beautiful costumes. You can easily honor the Brazilian Dia dos Namorados without a huge party. Send your loved one a special note or gift on June 12th and celebrate with the Brazilians of the world.

South Africa
In South Africa Valentine’s Day is traditionally observed much the same way it is here. However, they also celebrate with an old Roman festival known as Lupercalia. In this festival, young women will pin their lover’s name on their sleeves. This ancient tradition is actually the beginning to the phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve.”

Valentine’s Day in France is also celebrated much the same way it is here, it is said that Valentine’s Day cards actually originated in France.

A young Frenchman, Charles, Duke of Orleans, is said to have sent the first Valentine’s Day card. It is said that the Duke sent a Valentine or love note to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London after the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

Your country is not here? send us a story!

Planetpals helps You Make Your Own Gifts!

MYO Recycle Holiday Gifts Crafts

One way to make gift giving greener is to make your own gifts! try some of Planetpals recycle crafts and make a gift (or holiday decor) for someone you love:

More gift ideas here

Make Gifts!

Valentine Presents Recycle Crafts:

Make a Memory Box or Memory Greeting Card
Perfect for Father's Day, Mothers Day, Anyday!
Start with recycled paper, card or make your own paper from recycled paper.

memory box recycle craft memory card recycle craft

Coffee can card holder

This useful and adorable gift is perfect for a treasure box!Made with an oatmeal box or any box

valetines box recycle craft

Make a Recycle Treasure or Tool Jar!
Planetpals Exclusive!
Unique Ideas, how to instructions, samples. Make a treasure jar for holidays, mothers day, fathers day, everyday.
Simple and Easy.
treasure jar craftrecycle jar craft

Recycle Trophy Cup
Lots of fun for any special person made from cups and paper rolls. "World's Best Mom" "World's Best Dad" "World's Best Brother" or "Best Soccer Player"."World's Best Planetpal"
Possibilities endless and so cute!
recycle trophy cup

Mini Tool Boxes from Recycled Tins
Perfect for Father's Day!
Simple idea-paint them one color or paint a design. Just an old tin (any size) and a handle.
toolbox tins

A Key (Chain) That Will Stay Close to Dad's Heart!

Exclusive Planetpals
Use recycled materials, trace hand onto recycled paper or cardboard, reduce in a copier...directionshandprint keychain

Mosaic Picture Frame One of my Faves. Popsicle sticks or an old picture frame and junk mail or old cards! Make Xmas gifts from Xmas cards-or other holidays. Cut up magazines and do animals or whatever! Fun! Add a string use as an ornament!

mosaic picture frame popsicle stick recycle craft

Rolled Paper Picture Frame or mirror: Another great frame idea. Roll magazine paper or junk mail and glue it on an old frame or mirror. An upcycled gift! These sell in stores for upwards of 15.00!

rolled picture frame recycle craft

Make a Heart Shaped Button Frame: Use recycled buttons

make a button frame foe valentines day

Make a Recycled Button Bracelet
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled buttons and beads bracelets and tieing a jewelry knot

Make a Recycled Button Pins-Make the heart shaped one-or valentines!
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled button Pin from old jewelry and buttons-plus free stencils

Valentine Magnets Made with recycled bottle caps...hearts, flowers can be fun themeslove valentine magnets

Love Frame Use canceled love stamps or recycle cut up valentine cards to make a collage framelove frame

Make A Plastic Bag Holder
Exclusive Planetpals Learn how to make a grocery bag holder for beach, home, park
recycle bag

Recycle Bottles: Not for kids! Use a dremel or glass cutter to cut bottles and make glasses, etc. This was a 60's favorite. Use bottles from a favorite drink-or as a gift. Directions.
recycle bottles craft

Paper Making Recipe
Exclusive Planetpals
Learn how to make paper for many thing from scrap paper and discards and recycle.
make paper

Make Natural Dyes Great for for Play Dough and Other Crafts...How to use Rose Petals, Beetroot, Blueberries, Tumaric and Bark as natural dye

natural play dough

More Ideas to Make Your Own Gifts:

Make Your Own Gift Boxes From Recycled Materials

DIY Boxes from Recycled Materials plus Free Patterns…For #Green er #Holidays and #gifts

One way to wrap up the holiday greener is to make your own gift boxes. You can make boxes from recycled materials such as old cereal boxes, oatmeal tubes, and other food containers just by turning them inside out. It's a good way to renew them.

Download these simple patterns from Planetpals. Then, once you make your box, you can decorate it. Leave it natural and decorate with twine and other natural items such as pine cones, or decorate by painting the box or gluing images.

How ever you wrap your gifts, they are sure to be conversation pieces.

Happy GREENER Holiday from Planetpals!

The 4 R's of Gift Wrapping - Wrap Gifts the Recycled Way

DIY Eco friendly Gift Wraps and Bows

One way to have a greener holiday is to wrap all your gifts in a greener way! All you have to do is think out of the BOX and onto the wrap to find new ways to use old materials to bring new life to your gifts.

It's a great family project and one that will put a special meaning to home made and add extra love to your holiday giving. And remember, you can taylor make the wrap to the gift or to the person, such as maps for men or antique scarves for antique lovers.... read more

Planetpals Green Valentines

Planetpals Exclusive Valentines Card:

Make Valentine's Day Cards and Envelope:
Exclusive Planetpals MYO card. Print and play, cut and color.

planetpals valentines card classroom valentines
friend card classroom cards
pp valentines envelope  
Valentines Recycle Crafts

Holiday Stencils for Recycle Crafts
Exclusive Planetpals Print, Design, Cut, Make ornaments, cards, tags for any holiday!

eco friendly holiday stencils

Heart Paper Cuts :
Exclusive Planetpals Learn about paper cutting, three different patterns for Valentines or Any day. Use recycled paper!

valentine patterns

I Love You Recycle Magnets Love this idea! Simple to do with magnets and cut up magazines.

heart shapebook

Valentine's Love Shapebook Love this idea! Great for homeschool or early ed. Encourage kids to write a love quote, haiku poem or poem. Great learning experience. Free download Valentine Activity.

valentines recycle magnets craft

A paper roll love bug Have fun making this love bug with a toilet paper or paper towel tubes and some paper scraps. Decorate with ribbons, beads, buttons, too! Here they used pipe cleaners. You could use bag ties.

topilet paper roll love bug

Make Valentine Bingo Board Game. For a recycle project: Use the other side of food packaging or construction paper. Use candy hearts, buttons or beads or whatever for the bingo chips

candy hearts bingo game valentines craft

Candy Hearts pushpins, magnets or wreaths Have fun with the message or write someone's name! A good way to avoid cavities!


Valentine heart from recycled egg crates Make it simple like this or add ribbons and other recycled materials. Glue them to appear or cardboard base.

egg carton recycle crafts

Pot of Recycled Flowers
Make these cheerful flowers and vase from egg cartons and paper tubes. Cute Cute Cute!
easter flowers recycle craft

Heart bookmark Make a heart shaped bookmark from fabric or paper scraps

heart scraps bookmark craft

Ribbon scrap bookmarks Easy to make bookmarks using recycled materials. Tie a string and add beads, buttons, candy hearts.

heart bookmark ribbons

Recycle mosaic cards or decorationsMake a heart or a couple of hearts..or a key to your heart

mosaic valentines card

Make a yarn and button card Simple as that paper, glue, buttons, yarn-preschool to any age!

make a button heart valentine card

Make a Heart Shaped Tree Cone using recycled greeting cards and other recycled materials such as jewelry. A fun decoration!

heart shaped valentines cone recycle craft

Cereal Box Valentine Carier. What a fun way to carry and save valentines using a recycle box

cereal box recycle craft

Card Heart Crafts Whether you string Playing cards to make a garland or make a wreath---it's a great recycle idea for old playing cards.

diy heart-playing-cards-craft

Valentine Jars You Will LOVE You will heart these!

DIY Valentine Heart Jars recycle craft

"I love you to pieces" Plaque: Cute! Recycle Popsicle sticks and puzzle pieces.

valentines recycle craft

Paper Towel Roll Cupid Recycle Craft so Cute!

recycle crafts valentines

Love by the handful :)

handprint heart

Edible Food Art Valentine Crafts:

Green healthy ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and your valentine Party:

Make your own Candy Hearts and messages


Marzipan Fun!
Yum--and Healthy, too. Use a heart cut-out.

marzipan hearts valentines food

Valentine milk and cookies treats Looks good enough to eat and healthy, too. Make healthy cookies like chick pea cookies and serve with milk.

valentines food art

Spelling Bee I love you" Breakfast
No matter how you spell it--these pancake letters will put the wow in breakfast

alphabet pancakes

Heart Shaped Maki-Simply delicious and tres healthy

valentines maki suhi

Hello Heart Bento-A Heart shaped sandwich,heart shaped egg, some veggies and strawberries and cherries to add red.

valentines bento

Watermelon Hearts Saying I love you is as easy as a heart cookie cutter.

watermelon hearts

Watermelon heart pops on a bed of bananas. irresistible.

fruit salad for valentines

The Love Sandwich A love-ly lunch. Heart cartoons make eating fun and very healthy

heart shaped sandwich

More edible food crafts for holidays and everyday

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New Year Holidays

See crafts, ideas, fun facts, party tips etc for

  • Western New Year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Hindu New Year
  • Islamic New Year
  • Jewish New Year here:

GREEN New Years Guide

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Ask the Earth Calendar

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