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Let PLANETPALS teach you about Natural Disasters:
WHERE they happen, WHY they happen and WHAT are the biggest!

Learn fun facts about natural disasters such as a Volcanoes, Tsunami, Earthquake, and Tornadoes that affect our environment. Planetpals makes learning about Earth fun!

What are Volcanoes / What are Tornadoes / What are Earthquakes / What are Tsunamis

Learn About Tsunamis
H20 says "If Earth doesn't be have I make a big wave!"
Learn About Volcanoes
Earthman says "If I rumble I will tumble!"
Learn About Tornadoes
Fluffy says: "When I go round and round - you don't want me on the ground"

Learn About Earthquakes

Planetterri says "Don't shake it ... you'll break it!"

Planetpals the best place on EARTH to learn about EARTH

Weather Disasters:

Strange Weather and Unusual Natural Occurrences Learn about Haloes. Sun Dogs, Sun Ghost, Belt of Venus,Noctilucent Clouds,Aurora Borealis,Mammatus Clouds, Red Rain, Moon Bows, Colored Moons, St Elmos Fire, Fire Winds, Pyrocumulus Clouds, Lenticular Clouds, Sun Pillars, Diamond Dust, Non-aqueous Rain, Virga, Katabatic Winds, Fire Rainbow, Green Ray, Ball Lightning, Sprites, Jets, and Elves, Snow Rollers, Brackens, Mirages, Ice Fall / Bomb, Giant Hailstones, Sea Monster or Spinning Water, Gravity Wave, Super Cell, Blue Moon.


Learn about Natural Disasters Take a look at the size of the Earth!
Learn about The Food Chain Learn Earth Fast facts
Learn about ecology SEE the wonders of the world
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Buy PP Cloud Activity!
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