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Fun Facts About Earth


We're a
with Big


A little effort
can save a lot of energy
Don't Waste our planet

There is no time
to spare...
Do your share!

  • Here you will read, how to use only what you need!
  • Reduce Reuse Recycle
  • Conserve energy and water
  • Care for the air
  • Make it a habit to care about our habitats
  • Give a hoot and don't pollute
  • It's a breeze to save trees
starbrightDon't let
the earth
go down
the drain

Don't be a drip!

Not that long ago, we could drink out of our rivers and streams. Now the water has to be processed to get rid of garbage and bacteria that can make us sick.


It takes
a lot of
energy to
clean our water
...but you can help
  • Don't keep the faucet on when you brush your teeth.
  • DID YOU KNOW that Leaving the water running just 3 minutes can use up to 1 quart of drinking water?
  • DID YOU KNOW that leaky or improperly turned off faucets can use up even more!
  • You can help just by checking to make sure the faucet is completely turned off each time you use it!
  • If it still drips, tell your parents so they can fix it.

Smog is a burning issue

Smog contributes to 'global warming' which is the result of 'climate change.'

Learn more about global warnming
and climate change


Breathe easy!

One of the things we take for granted is the air we breathe. Many of the things we do release harmful gases, dust and dirt into the atmosphere making it hard for us and the other creatures we share the world to breathe.

  • When less harmful gasses are released into our air we have more sun and better air to breathe.

  • Walking doesn't use gas and it is great exercise, too!
  • If we ride in the same car with our friends, we call it "carpooling".

It's cool to carpool!

  • By carpooling or taking public transportation less carbon monoxide and greenhouse gases are released into our air.

What's the fuss-Take a bus!

  • If it's available, you and your friends can take public transportation to many fun and necessary places

Be Planetpals together!

  • It's more fun to go places with friends and its better for our planet!
planetterriThere are so many things we can do to save our earth, land and sea, which in turn will save all our plants, animals and even save us!
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