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be a friend to earth
is one of the planets in our solar system.

It is third in distance from the sun and the fifth largest in diameter. Earth moves around the sun in a circular type path.
It is the only planet known to support life, although some of the other planets have atmospheres and contain water.
earthmanEarthman says Be a Planetpal!

h20 H20 says don't waste water

consists of five parts:

The first, the atmosphere is gaseous, the second, the hydrosphere is liquid) the third, fourth, and fifth, the lithosphere, mantle, and core is largely solid.

earth world
Take a look at the spinning globe;

Notice that Water in the form of the oceans, covers approximately 70% of the earth's surface, and land the remaining 30%.


is not a perfect sphere
but is slightly
pear shaped.
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is in danger, with so many people using so much , we could use up our natural resources in a very short time.

Not only do all living things depend on our natural resources, but each living thing in the food chain depends on the other to survive. That's why it is important that we take care of our planet and everything in it! We call that "ecology".


Greenbean says keep everything green and clean!


Planet Terri thinks there's no zone like the ozone!


The word "ecology"
comes from
the Greek word meaning


Learn about Earth Look at the size of the earth!
Read Earth Fast facts See The Food Chain
SEE the wonders of the world Learn about ecology

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