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Make Your Own Recycle Boxes. Simple. Green.

For any occasion!

DIY Boxes from Recycled Materials plus Free Patterns…For #Green er #Holidays and #gifts

Easy to Make Printable Templates

*When using these templates, reduce or enlarge to the size you need them. Use the reverse side of old cereal boxes and other food boxes and be a good Planetpal! Once you are done making your boxes - learn 30 eco friendly ways you can wrap them and make a recycle bow from papers.

Download Our FREE BOX PatternsHere:

Open Square Box 1 Pattern

Closed Square Box 2 Pattern

Flat Square Box Pattern

Oval Flap Oblong Box Pattern

Oval Flap Square Box Pattern

Piece o Cake Triangle Box Pattern

Small Pyramid Box Pattern


HOW TO wrap your boxes GREEN!



Make recycle bows for your box!

DIY Green Ribbons and Bows

A great way to recycle gift materials and make attractive and fun bows. A different twist on gifwrapping that's greener...Free download and printable instructions.

make your own ribbon bow


One Green Idea !

Make a Wrap recycle Box. A great way to recycle Gift Wrap during the holidays or at a birthday party - and it's festive, too!

Make a Giftwrap Recycle Box


Check out Planetpals Green Journals. Guide to any holiday complete with eco friendly Ideas, tips, crafts, fun healthy foods, more!

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