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Earth Day

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The BEST EVER GUIDE to Swap Meets!

How to Have a Swap Meet and Be a Planetpal, too!

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What is the Earthday Swap?

It's a great idea we came up with here at PLANETPALS EARTHZONE to teach you about earth and how to conserve. It's a way to make the most of everything by reducing and reusing (some of the 4 "r's). It's simple and it works just like a a good old fashioned Yankee Swap.


Earthday or Any and Every Day


Try it in your classroom or your whole school, have a swap party with friends or

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co-workers. Have a general swap or give it a theme. Possible themes

  • school supplies
  • office supplies
  • clothes
  • beauty supplies
  • household
  • toys
  • etc

What you do

  • Each person has to bring things they no longer use or need.
  • If there is a category, in that category, or if not just bring general items.
  • Then whatever you can use, you can take.
  • At the end, if there are things left over, donate them to a shelter or thrift shop.*
  • This also works as a fun Christmas gift exchange or grab! Just wrap the items (in something recycled - like a kitchen towel or newspaper of course)!

Why it's important

Just imagine having a toy swap with friends. Maybe there are toys you have outgrown or no longer like to play with. It's a waste right? Not if you have a swap-it puts things to good use!

What about teachers?

Teachers can organize a swap at school and exchange unused notebooks and other supplies with teachers and students. Why not have a FREE bin at school for such things all year long.

Lastly, on a bigger scale, get parents or community involved and have a big swap in the school yard once a year.

You will be amazed at how much less clutter you have and how happy someone else is to get something they need for free! You will also be surprised how much stuff actually gets diverted from a landfill. You will be doing your part!

If you don't have a swap like this--and you have good things that need to find a home...see if your town has a local swap!pp free sign

Remember-WHEN it is OVER:

  • Take down your ALL signs
  • List leftovers as "PICK UP for FREE" on or
  • Bring leftovers to your swap shop, transfer station, or local charity shop, and good toys to a preschool.
  • Put leftovers on the sidewalk with a Planetpals FREE sign

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A SWAP "how to" and list of tips. Directions on how to have the best swap ever.

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