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Our Novelty Items...
Planetpals Fun Products

Our Exclusive Designs!

Earth,Earthday,Green &Peace Themes!

12 designs to choose from
You pick the design on:

Teacher Activities
Kid's Tee Shirts

Adult Tee Shirts,
Tote Bags



We now have buttons and magnets in BULK for your event!

earthday t shirts novbelties

we have bumper stickers!
bumper stciker art

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We NOW have Buttons, Bumper Stickers and Magnets for your event, single or in BULK!

poster art
Planetpals Poster
Now available !

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Our Music...
Planetpals Music CD
earth friendly earth day music
Our Exclusive Songs!

11 exclusive Planetpals sing along songs!

  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Listen
  • Learn !

Learn more:
Fun and educational


Great for any Earthday Event

Earthday Music
Earthday Music cd

Sing - Dance - Listen - Learn!
Earth Friendly Messages for
Earthday and Everyday

Download the theme song or entire album!

PP Music

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Planetpals Plush

Currently sold out!

planetpals plush

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Our Puzzles

Planetpals TOYS

Planetpals CEACO Green puzzles

Our Eco Friendly GREEN Themed Puzzles!
-6 in all
-ages preschool - 9

Avaliable in:
-24 piece
100 piece
-24 piece floor puzzle

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Our AOur Activity Book...ctivity Book...

Planetpals Activity Books

3 Books Available:
Earthday Everyday Book
Teacher Book
Coloring Book

3 books

Our Exclusive Art!

Pages AND Pages of FUN!:

  • Planetpals Exclusive Recycle Symbols Clip Art
  • Planetpals Recycle Kits
  • Planetpals Recycle Lessons
  • Planetpals Yard Sale Sign
  • Planetpals Precycle Kit
  • Planetpals Playnouse and Puppets
  • Planetpals Coloring Pages
  • Learn to Draw the Planetpals page
  • Planetpals Earthday Kids Page
  • MORE
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Planetpals Earth Bandaids XClassroom Activity Set

Planetpal Earth Bandaids

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Lesson Plans

Planetpals Learn About the Four Seasons Activity
Planetpals 4 Seasons Activity

Shop Planetpals Classroom Activities
Planetpals Exclusive Teacher Stickers
Planetpals Earth Friendly Stckers!
Shop PLanetpals Stickers

planetpals puzzle

Healthy Kids Healthy Earth Themes
PUZZLES 6 in all

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Zero Hero Activity and Lesson Plans
PP Zero Hero Classroom Kit

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Peace Signs

PP Peace ActivitiesKits

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Our very own designs!
banner art

Earthday Characters
Max Plays with Planetpals Puzzle-He's a Planetpal!
Taylor Plays with Planetpals Floor Puzzle!
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