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Contest Closed!
Great Recycle Program: a Safe and Simple Fundraising Idea

Recycle and Earn!

A recycling program that is fun, easy, safe and less than cumbersome!
It is as easy as collecting used cell phones, and empty cartridges from family, friends & local businesses in your community. Just organize a campaign big or small. They supply everything-FREE! All while you earn points or cash.

Planetpals and You, your school, company or organization :Making a big difference together!

For the past five years,
The Cell Phone, Inkjet,Toner Return Program through Planetpals has assisted hundreds of schools and organizations to recycle inkjet and toner cartridges, and old cell phones. Not only has it been a great fundraising vehicle, TOGETHER we have been responsible for recycling tens of thousands cartridges and phones with a lot more to come. That means that we are doing our part to keep the world clean while earning at the same time. It's a WIN / WIN Program!

Great Fundraiser!

Click to Register NOW

planetpals recycle
Why this program works:
  • It's Free
  • It's Easy
  • It's Effortless
  • It's Earth Friendly
  • You Earn!

What organizations can benefit from the FundingFactory program?

Why this return program is simple:

This return program is designed to make it simple to collect empty cartridges and used cell phones and turn them in for cash or points. The goal is to make it as effortless as possible for you to recycle.

  • They provide all the supplies needed to run the program (including collection boxes and marketing materials)
  • They handle all shipping charges by providing prepaid boxes and bins-all you do is call for pick up
  • This no cost, year-round program is the ideal way to be more socially responsible and help preserve the environment.
  • They care about your progress. If you need assistance with fundraising ideas or other issues, they can help.

Why this return programa great fundraiser for schools, kids groups:

  • Unsafe fundraisers are questioned by parents - THIS is safe!
  • With THIS there is nothing to sell! So children aren't distracted from homework selling items
  • WithTHIS there is no daily monitoring which is often results in a fundraiser being neglectedWith THIS businesses can sponsor schools and send in returns directly
  • WithTHIS collection bins are available for drop off deposits - painless!

How can companies sponsor a school or group?

  • It's a great way to help the environment and support a local school or group
  • It's a small way to do your part
  • Just sign up and designate the points to your favorite organization

Fundraising made safe and simple!

Sign up now!

Learn how your school, company or organization can earn points and collect cartridges

Funding Factory: The Educational Technology Conservation Exchange Program

Have your school or group participate in the Funding Factory: Educational Technology Conservation Exchange Program: By recycling printer cartridges and used cell phones you will earn points or cash.